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What is Pub Style?

We define ‘Pub Style’ to be: Decor designed to invite conversation. What better way is there to have a conversation than to have a conversation while sharing food and drink in a comfortable and cozy environment? Generally speaking the best restaurants, pubs, and wine tasting locations, are all designed to enhance our interactions with each other. With that in mind, we design all our pieces to bring a bit of that pleasant warmth into any room. Our wind barrel furniture and decor consists of actual recycled wine barrels which allows us to achieve that goal. In doing so we believe a wonderfully inviting atmosphere is created where guests are compelled to open up and share friendly anecdotes. Read More…

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Embracing Life: The Harvest and a New Product

The last couple of weekends we were invited to help with the harvest from our favorite local winery, Hellanback Ranch & Vineyard. We couldn’t resist! It was like picking a live lobster [...]

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