Catching rays and building fun!

 In The Woodshop

We had a nice and mellow couple of days over last weekend and I strapped on my ‘Vader’ mask and spent much of it outside soaking up the sun and building products. In the pictures I’m working on a wine rack. I specially shape the wine glass slots so that the glasses naturally rest at the inside end of the slot. This way the glasses won’t slip off the rack unintentionally. Since all barrel staves aren’t equal it takes a lot of measuring, checking, comparing, and rechecking, but I really enjoy it. I, also, built a few 5 hole and 3 hole table center pieces. Hole boring always leaves a ton of saw dust, smells of roasted oak, and exudes the wonderful aroma of wine. I love it! I found the saw dust to be a great absorber for minor run off when I change the oil in our cars.

I started production on a new product prototype the industrial wall chandelier. It’s going to be REALLY cool and I’m excited to build it! It will consist of a barrel stave and industrial gas pipes with 5 hanging Edison bulbs.

Sara and I finished the day with date night which included a bottle of Syrah from our favorite local winery, Hellanback Ranch in Ramona, CA. That’s right, Ramona. It’s an AMAZING award winning winery. We love John and Paula who are the owners and hosts. We’ll be sharing some our experiences from Hellanback soon. We highly recommend a visit up there!

Stay tuned more to come!

Embrace life! Sláinte!

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