Embracing Life: Family, Friends, Wine Tasting!

 In The Woodshop

Last weekend was the Hellanback Ranch Wine Club pick up and tasting event! Yay! It was FANTASTIC hanging out with those of you who made it! We always look forward to our wine pick up trips because we never know what people we’ll meet, what stories we’ll hear, what new wines we’ll taste! This latest trip didn’t disappoint, in the slightest, even when the rain started pouring in. In fact the rain made it an overall more intimate time than usual and I have to hand it to John and Paula, owners of the winery, they really adapted and pulled it off with complete success! The pictures say it all.

We HIGHLY recommend visiting Hellanback and picking up their wines! You won’t be disappointed. You can also purchase our Barrel Stave Center Pieces from them on your next visit! Be sure to tell them Garrett and Sara say “Hi!’

Embrace life! Sláinte!


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