It’s FINALLY launch time!

 In The Woodshop

WHEW! After several years of preparing and many, MANY, hours of planning and development our site is FINALLY live! We’re super excited to share our humble site with the world. It took A LOT of love, encouragement, and much needed support from our wonderful family and friends (you know you are :-D), but we’re finally making our dream a reality! We’ll be attempting to blog regularly with new designs, events, and outings. Being in the great state of California we have access to some AMAZING wineries and we’ll probably feature several of our favorite spots. Sara, commented that she’ll be taking pictures and video of me building some of our pieces. So, I guess you’ll be seeing my silly mug on there from time to time as I ‘play’ with wood working tools with the excitement of the young boy. A boy who used to ‘help’ his dad and grandpa build things for his Mom and Grandma, when they would let him.

Thanks for visiting the site! We hope you like it! We’ll be setting up our social media pages soon and we’ll be offering specials and event info there as well. Sign up for our newsletter at the bottom of any page and feel free to drop us a message here and tell us what you think! We’d LOVE to hear from you!

Embrace life!


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