The Flynns

Photograph by Capture Photography

My wife (Sara) and I (Garrett) are huge J.R.R Tolkien fans and absolutely fell in love with the comfortable look and feel of Peter Jackson’s vision of “Hobbiton” and “Bag End” as featured in the movies “The Lord of the Rings” and “The Hobbit”. We also thoroughly enjoy visiting warm and comfortable Irish pubs on our date nights. In addition, being wine enthusiasts, we relish in the romance of the vino-culture. A favorite activity of ours is to go wine tasting to find and enjoy the complex palettes of different grapes/vineyards, but most of all enjoying each other’s company and the company of family, friends, and new acquaintances.  With that in mind, a couple of our favorite movies are “Bottle Shock” (Cali pride all the way!) and “A Good Year”. The relaxing warmth and romance featured in these movies is something we both cherish in our every busy lives. We wanted to bring those inviting feelings into our home to promote conversation and the wonderful fellowship of friends and family. It’s a look we came to refer to as ‘Pub Style’. The problem we found is that there just wasn’t much that matched exactly what we were looking for or the prices and quality were outside our comfort zone. So, a few years ago Sara and I started designing and building furniture and decor that fit our style and was tough enough to survive everyday life with our 4 kids.

After a while our family, friends, and friends of friends started inquiring about our pieces and then commissioning us to build items for them as well. We soon realized that there are a lot of fellow ‘pub style’ lovers out there. So, after a lot of encouragement from others, Sara and I decided to share our products with the rest of the world.

Being from very close and large extended families, on both sides, it was important to Sara and me that family be the center of our business. ÓFloinn is the ancient Irish origin for our family name, Flynn. Since our style is Irish ‘Pub Style,’ we realized the perfect way to express our brand is with our family name! Along the lines of family importance and in keeping with our Irish motif, I designed our symbol to be a 4 leaf clover with one leaf representing each of our 4 God-granted gifts, our children. The colors of each leaf were selected because they are the favorite color of each child.

We’re so happy you’re visiting our site and hope that our work enhances your lives as well.

Thanks and love from The Flynn Family.

Embrace life!



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